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Hoping on and off in KL

Kuala Lumpur Hop-On Hop-Off is the best way to travel around Kuala Lumpur. The bus will take you around KL city and drop you at their available pit stop. If im not mistaken, there are 23 pit stop around KL.

I've ride it yesterday and it was fun! It was fun because I ride it with my friends. Many things that you thought you has saw at KL. But, the truth is, there are many other places in KL you never seen it. Believe me, i've been there.

So, I suggesting this ride to you guys and gurls :)

A book, or phone?

Out of the box - book from Vitamins

It is a book like on the shelf like else, but when you open it, it contains a full phone and you need to set up all the requirement from the book to complete the phone. Then, the phone is ready to be used by the end user. What an idea. Such a great vision.

This is us

More or less, this is us. Monday is the laziest day in all of day. But, Friday is the best day of all. The next day will be the time of weekends. Plenty of time to rest and hang out! Yahoo!! ^^ Enjoy you day

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